Energy Careers

We hear all too often about some industries that are in decline and shrinking their workforces. The energy industry, on the other hand, is growing, thriving, developing in new directions, and employing increasing numbers of workers in every community in the nation. In uncertain times, it is a vibrant field to enter, and one that offers excellent job security.

The energy industry is also one that requires new workers all the time. According to some industry estimates, during the next decade, retirement and other factors may take away as many as 40 percent of the Americans employed in today’s workforce. These retiring workers need to be replaced, and you can be one of the workers who fill the empty slots–while building a great career!

Through Troops to Energy Jobs, you and other veterans will be eligible for employment in a variety of positions within the energy industry. Follow the links on the left to learn about some of the high-growth energy careers in demand today.