Now that you are in school to get on the pathway to a good energy job, it is important to understand the resources, services, and programs that your school may offer to service members and veterans to ensure you gain the needed support while in school and to help with career opportunities. Veterans that are connected to these services and programs often have a higher rate of college completion and better grades. You may want to look for a single point of contact at the college for veterans services that can help you navigate everything from counseling services to access to veteran's benefits. In addition, consider the following:

  • Join a Student Veteran Organization (SVO) on Campus.
    Finding an SVO may help you integrate into campus life and assist you succeeding academically. The organization can also provide a peer-to-peer network, a variety of campus activities, and pre-professional networking, which may help you get a job.
    Visit the Student Veterans of America website
  • Apply and take part in a VA work-study Program.
    This program is designed to help veterans financially and professionally and the educational institution they are enrolled in. The work can be developed according to your interest but also must be related to the VA and can include outreach services on campus, services performed at VA medical facilities, or processing paperwork at VA offices.
  • Get an Internship While in School.
    Veterans should pursue a paid internship while at school--with a utility company if possible--with the goal of the internship translating into a full-time job upon graduation.

Once you have completed your required education and earned any necessary credentials, you’re ready for the next portion of your journey: the job search.