Energy Career Opportunities for Military Spouses

If you are a military spouse or the domestic partner of a military professional, the energy industry may offer just the employment opportunities you are seeking.

It’s no secret, energy companies actively recruit veterans because of particular aptitudes and skill sets they offer, including leadership, adaptability, initiative and drive, and more. Many of these skill sets, and others, are also readily found in military spouses.

For instance, we recognize military spouses are also adaptable. They are comfortable with change, and often embrace it with humor and grace.  Statistics show that military spouses are often under-employed and have tremendous experience to share with organizations looking for part-time help and full-time employees, who may only be available for a two to four-year span. The strengths military spouses offer in flexibility, problem-solving, multi-tasking, and networking are admirable to many corporate recruiters.

In some ways, working in the energy industry is a lot like being part of the military community. Energy companies safeguard America’s infrastructure and ensure its reliability. They often operate with a family-like spirit, in large towns and rural communities. They require a diverse team of people, each with specialized skill sets, to ensure objectives are met. And of course, they thrive on a commitment of service to their people, communities, and the country.

One additional benefit is that many energy companies have service territories across the United States, offering flexibility to military spouse who may need to relocate when their spouse is called upon to relocate.


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If you are looking to do meaningful work in an important industry and feel proud of the contribution you are making, consider a career in energy. With six million men and women working in the sector, there really are opportunities for everyone. We need those with technical and engineering strengths.

We are always hiring professionals to support the business of energy, in accounting, HR, marketing, legal, communication, training, customer service, and the like. The industry seeks those with experience, but is also ready to train those who have interest and aptitude.

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